Oxford EarlyON - STEAM


Science, technology, engineering, art, and math – oh my! Our STEAM project ideas are designed with you, the parent or caregiver, in mind. Easy to set up, quick to do, loads of fun to be had!


Sink or FloatLava Lamp Experiment MM Rainbow


Bouncy Ball  Egg Drop Challenge  Homemade Plastic

Leak Proof Bag    Rain Cloud in a Jar  Re-growing Celery

Walking Rainbow  Screenshot 2022-06-13 150531  Screenshot 2022-06-09 144908



Coming Soon! 

Additional Resources

Let's Talk Science connects the world of science, technology and innovation with education, bringing STEM to life in meaningful ways that build diversity and inclusion, and awareness of future opportunities. Our robust suite of programming is available in English and French at no cost to schools, early years centres, community organizations and parents/caregivers. Our goal is to positively impact every child in Canada, from early years through secondary school. We do this primarily by providing programs and resources for educators that help them improve youth education and engagement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).