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Why are the first 5 years so important?

EarlyON @ Home

Backyard Boredom Busters

Outdoor play opportunities encourage children’s active participation, aid in the development of motor skills, cognition social skills and language. These videos and resources will highlight creative and fun activities that you can do with your child at home, in the park, or on the trails! Get outside, get active, get exploring!


Creative Arts

Being creative is about the process, not the end product. The experience of painting, drawing, writing, puppetry and music are most meaningful to your child’s development. Here we have fun ideas for you to engage your child’s imagination and get creative together at home.


Early Language and Literacy

Language and literacy development begins at birth. The interactions that young children have with caring adults as they share songs, stories and rhymes and explore materials such as books, paper, and crayons are the building blocks for language, reading, and writing development. Check out these fun activities that you can do at home with your child!


Food and Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential during childhood, as it is a time of rapid growth, development and activity. It is important to introduce children to a variety of foods and establish a pattern of regular meals and healthy snacks. We have highlighted some fun and informative resources for you to use at home, as well as links to additional resources!


Invitations to Play

Learning through play is one of the most important ways children learn and develop. Play is an activity where children show their remarkable ability for exploration, imagination and decision making. In the early years, parents can help children develop the skills to be better students by playing with them. Looking for ideas? We’ve got you covered!



As your child’s first teacher, you play an important role in helping develop their numeracy skills from an early age. We offer a range of fun activities that you can try together based on your child’s interests and experiences. Have fun!


Rhymers will be Readers

Our daily live sessions where we will explore songs, rhymes and finger plays that will develop vocabulary and literacy skills to support your child’s development. Songs and rhymes allow busy families to play with language in the car, at the grocery store or on a local trail. See which ones you already know and learn a few new ones!



Science, technology, engineering, art and math – oh my! Our STEAM project ideas are designed with you, the parent, in mind. Easy to set up, quick to do, loads of fun to be had!



Sensory play is a great opportunity to foster learning for young children. It includes any activity that allows children to use their senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. Are you ready to dig in? We have some great ideas for you to try at home with your child!


Holiday Story Stroll

Take a self-guided tour in downtown Woodstock as you find the pages of a story in some of the storefronts!

The stroll begins here at EarlyON (75 Graham Street, Woodstock) and ends at the Woodstock Public Library (445 Hunter Street, Woodstock). Click 2022 Holiday Story Stroll to view a map of the stops.