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Food and Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential during childhood, as it is a time of rapid growth, development and activity. It is important to introduce children to a variety of foods and establish a pattern of regular meals and healthy snacks. We have highlighted some fun and informative resources for you to use at home, as well as links to additional resources!

Additional Resources

NutriSTEP® offers questionnaires for parents of toddlers (18-35 months) and preschoolers (3-5 years) to assess nutritional risk. The questionnaires are a fast and simple way to find out if children are healthy eaters. Parents can use these nutrition screening questionnaires and web tools to find out: what is going well, where there is room for improvement and where to find trusted healthy eating information and tools. It takes less than 10 minutes ... but lasts a lifetime!  If you have any questions, or want more information you can always reach out to

Explore Canada’s Food Guide for more information about how to involve children in planning and preparing meals that will also teach them food skills and the importance of healthy eating. When you teach your children basic food skills, don’t forget to go over kitchen safety rules. Show them how to use kitchen tools such as a grater, peeler or whisk safely.